A Friend Claims Debbie Reynolds Had A Premonition Of Carrie Fisher’s Death

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Hollywood Secrets and Scandals

It has been two years since the legendary mother-daughter duo Debbie Reynolds, and Carrie Fisher died. Reynolds shockingly died the day after her daughter Carrie Fisher's death. The two had always been extremely close, and their demise proved to be yet another powerful sign of their almost otherworldly connection. According to Reynolds good friend Sue Cameron, their bond was deeper than what most people seemed to realize. Wait for it guys; things are about to get spooky here.

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Are Married! See The Pictures

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Married

After nine years of dating 'The Last Song' co-stars, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have gotten married. The Disney alum confirmed their wedding on Instagram on Wednesday by sharing pictures from their big day.

All The Details On The Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Party

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Christina Aguilera Sophia Hutchins

While the British Royal family created a buzz at Sandringham, across the pond America's unofficial royalty the Kardashian-Jenner family were also celebrating in style. We're taking you inside and giving you the low down on all the A-list celebrities who attended it, and all the shenanigans that went down at the party of the year.

Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle Put On A United Front

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Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle Put On A United Front

The royal family was out in full force on Christmas as they joined the Queen for the Christmas service at Sandringham. Excited fans were bundled up in the cold as they waited patiently to get a glimpse of the family as they walked to St Mary Magdalene Church, which is on the Queens Norfolk estate.

Meghan Markle's American Approach To Life Is Very Different To Kate Middleton’s

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Meghan Markle's American Approach To Life Is Very Different To Kate Middleton’s

In recent months Meghan Markle has received a slew of negative press from the British media, and rather than changing her public image, she's choosing to create her own path. The former actress is the first American to have married into the British royal family since the infamous Wallis Simpson. Insiders blame the rising tensions on a culture clash.

Jason Momoa Opens Up About His 'Hysterical' Wife, Lisa Bonet

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Game of Thrones

Everyone is obsessing over Jason Momoa, including us! What's not to love? The man is gorgeous, he is hilarious and a big fluff of positive energy. He has been winning fans left, right and center! His Haka performance at the premiere of Aqua Man made headlines, and when he told James Corden that he married his first crush in that deep voice of his, he melted hearts all over the world.

Nikki Ferrell Breaks Up With Her Husband Of Two Years

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Nikki Ferrell and Tyler Valoo

The year hasn’t come to an end, but sadly, another celebrity couple has. The number of celebrity splits this year has been astounding. Nikki Ferrell and her husband have decided to part ways after two years of marriage. A source close to the couple has opened up to US Weekly and said that the former couple is “done” and have been “on the rocks” since the early days of their marriage.

Stephanie Pratt Opens Up About "The Hills: New Beginnings"

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The Hills: New Beginnings

Stephanie Pratt is over the moon about The Hills reboot! Who isn't right? According to Pratt the newer version is going to be even more dramatic and over the top than the original. Let the cat fights begin!