Ray J Set for Life Thanks to Sex Tape Royalties

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The Squander Staff
vivid entertainment

Though Ray J remains in the public eye doing various projects like his stint on Love and Hip-Hop (which reportedly might be coming to an end soon), he could choose to never work again and watch the money still roll in thanks to his X-rated video with former love Kim Kardashian.

New Year, New You: Fitness Guru Dana Linn Bailey's Net Worth

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There are few better candidates out there to motivate you for your upcoming fitness new year resolutions. Dana Linn Bailey is an Instagram-famous professional body builder who has gained popularity through her competition wins, her fitness camp and her clothing apparel endeavors. She owns a private gym that she opens to the public several times a month for seminar-style training days; these dates sell out almost instantly. She inspires her fan base comprised of over 500,000 followers with regular fitness posts through her Instagram, Facebook, and regularly updated blog.