$55 Million Hallucination Watch

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most expensive watches

Not only is $55,000,000 a price tag you wouldn't normally expect from a timepiece, the watch itself is truly one of a kind.

Valentine's Day Ideas: Priciest Dessert in Scotland

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most expensive dessert

If you want to seem both cultured and financially superior, this might be a great Valentine's day purchase for you; it's certain to impress ladies everywhere.

Chris Soules: The Bachelor's Net Worth

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the bachelor

ABC's newest bachelor, Iowa native and career farmer Chris Soules, has charmed the ladies vying for his love as well as the viewers at home. The 33-year-old has a lot more than looks and charisma going for him, though. The latest addition to bachelorhood is a millionaire.

New Year, New You: Fitness Guru Dana Linn Bailey's Net Worth

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For the Body

There are few better candidates out there to motivate you for your upcoming fitness new year resolutions. Dana Linn Bailey is an Instagram-famous professional body builder who has gained popularity through her competition wins, her fitness camp and her clothing apparel endeavors. She owns a private gym that she opens to the public several times a month for seminar-style training days; these dates sell out almost instantly. She inspires her fan base comprised of over 500,000 followers with regular fitness posts through her Instagram, Facebook, and regularly updated blog.