Gordon Hayward Net Worth: After The Celtics Deal

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Gordon Hayward New Worth

It has been quite the year for Gordon Hayward who had one of his best years in 2017. He made the NBA All Star and managed to generate a ton of hype during free agency. Additionally, more recently, Hayward was injured on the opening night of the Celtics seasons. So, a good question is what is Gordon Heyward net worth and how much wealth has he accumulated. We decided to see what the Gordon Hayward Net Worth is following he debut night.

Woody Allen Net Worth 2017: How Much Is the Friend to Weinstein Worth?

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Woody Allen net worth

Woody Allen is no stranger to controversy given that he's been both lauded and hated by many figures in Hollywood. Now that Weinstein is under scrutiny, and even profiled in a major investigative report by Ronan Farrow, of course Woody Allen had to put his two cents into the conversation about unwanted sexual advances against women.

Mika Brzezinski Net Worth 2017: How Much Does This Anchor Earn?

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Mika Brzezinski Net Worth

Mika Brzezinski is a news presenter and an author who is currently a co-host of MSNBC's weekly morning broadcast show, Morning Joe. This anchor has gained quite a bit of fame in the last few years, especially after she was the target of derision from Donald Trump. So just how much wealth has Mika Brzezinski accumulated and what is Mika Brzezinski net worth? The Squander will give you the scoop so read on to find out more!

Calista Flockhart Net Worth 2017: How Much Have Her Recent Acting Roles Earned Her?

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Calista Flockhart Net Worth

Calista Flockhart has been a Hollywood heavyweight for some time now, given the success of "Ally McBeal nearly 20 years ago. But more recently, Calista Flockhart has gained fame for her acting in the role of Cat Grant in the super-hit Supergirl. As a result, Calista Flockhart has really proven to be a symbol of a supreme movie star. Given the length of Calista Flockhart's career, how much money has she earned and what is Calista Flockhart net worth?

Elizabeth Gillies Net Worth 2017: How Much Is This Former Nickelodeon Star Worth After Victorious?

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Elizabeth Gillies Net Worth

Elizabeth Gillies is an American actress-singer who is set to appear on the reboot of Dynasty as Fallon Carrington. However, Elizabeth Gillies has actually had a long-running career and was even a main member of the cast on the Nickelodean hit, "Victorious." So how much money has Elizabeth Gillies made through her career and what is Elizabeth Gillies net worth after a career that has spanned a decade, playing several roles on television and film?

Alan Dale Net Worth 2017: How much money does this former Neighbours star make?

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Alan Dale Net Worth

Alan Dale is set to play the role of Joseph Anders is the reboot of the Dynasty, a successful primetime soap opera in the 1980's. This, in addition to over twenty years of television and film career, has earned him celebrity status in different continents around the world. Given his long-running career, how much money has Alan Dale accumulated and what is Alan Dale net worth in 2017?