Cenk Uygur Net Worth 2018: After a $20 Million Investment, How Much Does He Have?

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Cenk Uygur Net Worth 2018: After a $20 Million Investment, How Much Does He Have?

Cenk Uygur is in the news today after the Young Turks, his online news network, received a $20 million investment from a number of noteworthy investors including Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Cenk Uygur has been persevering to make the Young Turks succeed for a while now, so given the recent change in his fortunes, how much wealth has he accumulated? What is Cenk Uygur net worth? We'll give you the scoop.

Cenk Uygur Builds The Young Turks

Cenk Uygur was born in Istanbul and immigrated with his family to the US as a child. He attended the University of Pennsylvania for college and graduated from Columbia Law School. He went on to work as a lawyer as an associate at a firm but it seems that talking about politics was always his first love since he began working at a radio show at a young age. Although Cenk's political views currently fall into what one might call the progressive end of the political scale, at a younger age, he endorsed more conservative beliefs.

Cenk Uygur began the Young Turks in 2002. The show was intended to be a liberal political and entertainment show.

In the past 5 years, the show has grown tremendously, expanding into various other areas, including sports and technology.

Cenk Uygur has talked a lot on his show about bootstrapping since the show has been dependent on a different model of revenue than most news networks.

Rather than taking money from advertising, the show produces income through a member fee.

Cenk Uygur Net Worth 2018

With publicity rising in the past few years, the Young Turks has gained quite a bit of success and Cenk Uygur's recent round of investment is only more evidence of this. But how much is Cenk Uygur net worth? We can estimate Cenk's net worth based on a few important points. Recently, Cenk Uygur bought a house that was priced at $1.2 million in the Los Angeles area.

Additionally, given that Cenk closed on an initial investment round of $20 million, we estimate the value of The Young Turks corporation to be around $50-$70 million.

That would make Cenk share somewhere between $10-20 million. We therefore estimate Cenk Uygur net worth 2018 at $18-22 million.

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