Jason Momoa Opens Up About His 'Hysterical' Wife, Lisa Bonet

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Everyone is obsessing over Jason Momoa, including us! What's not to love? The man is gorgeous, he is hilarious and a big fluff of positive energy.

He has been winning fans left, right and center! His Haka performance at the premiere of Aqua Man made headlines, and when he told James Corden that he married his first crush in that deep voice of his, he melted hearts all over the world.

Ladies, the Jason Momoa is married to the love of his life, Lisa Bonet. They are one of the coolest couples in Hollywood right now.

Mamoa says he fell in love with her at the tender age of eight when he saw her on The Cosby Show (and she was twenty).

He saw her on television and told his mother that Bonet was the woman he wanted.

The couple was later introduced by a mutual friend at a Jazz club in 2005 and has been inseparable ever since.

The loved-up pair got married in October, last year in a small wedding ceremony. They're parents to daughter Lola Iolani, 11, and son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha.

So what keeps their romance alive? “Not many people know how absolutely hysterical she is,” the Aqua Man actor told People Magazine in this week’s issue.

He went on to say, "She makes me laugh and is just really quirky."

“My wife is amazing,” he said of raising a family with Bonet. “Her ultimate art form is being a phenomenal mother.”

During his press interviews for Aqua Man, he has opened about their relationship quite a bit.

In the opening monologue of Saturday Night Live, the Games of Thrones actor said one of his dreams was to marry "his red-hot smoking wife."

Momoa and Bonet flaunted their love at the premiere of Aqua Man in Los Angeles. They cuddled and shared a kiss while posing on the red carpet.

This public display of affection is very rare for the couple, who choose to keep their personal life private.

Many had assumed they had been married for years, and they took everyone by surprise when they announced their marriage last year.

When speaking about her at the red carpet of his new movie, he said, "we're a perfect fit."

According to the actor, he likes doing simple things with his wife like taking the dogs for a walk, shopping and just being with their family.

He has gone on record to say that he has a great relationship with his wife's daughter Zoe Kravitz and her ex-husband Lenny Kravitz.

Oh, and Khal Drogo loves antique shopping! Yes! Can you imagine Momoa in a small antique shop? He'd take up the entire store.

“My wife and I love to go to flea markets,” he says. “We like getting little trinkets and shopping for antiques.” Ah, true love!

Jason Momoa is the man of the hour! Moviegoers have been raving about Aqua Man, and how it plays into DC Extended Universe. Have you seen it yet?

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