The Macallan M: Record-Holding $628,000 Whiskey

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The Macallan M: Record-Holding $628,000 Whiskey

The Guiness Book of World Records has officially announced that the Macallan M is the most expensive whiskey to ever be sold at auction.

The nearly $628,000 Macallan M Imperiale 6-litre Lalique decanter sold at auction in Hong Kong in January of 2014.

It's a Speyside malt whiskey and it's only one of four other of the same.

It's not surprising that Macallan, a leader in single malt whiskeys, would now hold the record for most expensive whiskey sold.

After all, it held the previous record for most expensive whiskey sold at auction when it sold a $460,000 64-years-old bottle in 2010.

For a cheaper alternative to this just-shy-of-a-million liquor, Macallan is offering a whiskey of the same name in its 1824 series of top-tier whiskies.

It's also fairly rare with only 1,750 bottles made and 355 reserved for the United States. It'll cost you about $4,500; still pricey, but a steal compared to the record-holder.

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