Meghan Markle's American Approach To Life Is Very Different To Kate Middleton’s

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Meghan Markle's American Approach To Life Is Very Different To Kate Middleton’s

In recent months Meghan Markle has received a slew of negative press from the British media, and rather than changing her public image, she's choosing to create her own path.

The former actress is the first American to have married into the British royal family since the infamous Wallis Simpson. Insiders blame the rising tensions on a culture clash.

The old school royal aids may not be used to Markle's "say-it-as-you-see-it’ American mentality," a palace insider has revealed.

The Duchess of Sussex has yet to announce which patronages she will be choosing to support as the member of the royal family.

However, it is clear she is leaning towards advancing education and empowerment for young girls and women around the world.

The world was taken by surprise when her first solo project was announced, a cookbook launched to support a community kitchen spearheaded by women.

“The palace is a beautiful place, and it is also a place where all you hear is ‘no, no, no,’ ” a source in royal circles says of the confining rules that govern royal life.

Another source has been reported to have said “The most difficult job in the royal family is to work with the ambitions of the Duchess of Sussex and make them realizable.

She will get frustrated if she is told, ‘You can’t do this or can’t do that.’ ”

Clearly, Meghan is determined to pave her own path when it comes to her royal duties. Her father has been very candid about being estranged from his daughter.

He went as far as to call her “demanding but never rude.” Thomas Markle tends to resurface after every couple of weeks with the same plea and new insights into his daughter's old life.

The Duchess's father released an old wedding invitation from her first marriage, which has an uncanny resemblance to her first Christmas card with Prince Harry.

The black and white Christmas card shows the couple with their back towards the camera, looking at the fireworks display at Frogmore House. Some have claimed that it seems like the royal couple has turned their backs to the public.

The resignation of three palace aids has not helped matters either, branding Markle as "the difficult Duchess."

The alleged tension between the two Duchesses has made headlines all over the world.

Kensington Palace hasn't commented on the matter but hasn't refuted the claims either. Both couples are going to be spending Christmas with the Queen at her Sandringham estate to show unity between the two brothers and their families.

An insider also revealed that Harry and Meghan declined William and Kate's invitation to stay at Anmer Hall over Christmas.

The former Suits actress has been a staple in the news for all the wrong reasons, and in true American fashion, she's choosing to shake off all the bad press.

She needs to realize this isn't Hollywood where even bad press is good press. The Duchess needs to understand she's representing an age-old institution, and her American ways are rocking the boat far too much.

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