Roger Mathews Claims JWoww ‘Can’t Control Her Emotions’ In 911 Call

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Roger Mathews Claims JWoww ‘Can’t Control Her Emotions’ In 911 Call

Things are getting ugly between Roger Mathews and Jenni “JWoww” Farley. Are you ready for some drama? Mathews shared a few allegations against his now-estranged wife, JWoww, in a just-released 911 call.

Radar Online was quick to get their hands on the audio recording on Wednesday. The clip begins with an Ocean County dispatcher telling Mathews side of the story to an operator at Toms River Police Department in New Jersey.

The dispatcher is heard saying “(He), and his wife are getting divorced, and they’re in the middle of getting divorced.” The employee is also heard saying, “She’s making up all kinds of stuff.

She’s threatening to throw him out and call the cops.”

JWoww’s husband can be heard talking to the couple’s children, daughter Meilani, and son Greyson in the background. He is heard saying, “Mommy can’t control her emotions.” 

Later, the dispatcher on the spot asks the truck driver to step outside the house and then questions if there are any weapons inside: “There is, but nobody is doing any weapons. … (They’re) all registered firearms to me.”

When asked if the altercation between himself and his wife turned physical at any point, Mathew was quick to clarify that “it was not on that level.”

Mathew is looking for every opportunity to slam the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star, who filed for divorce after being married for three years. “She’s going to wait until I leave and call the police to make up some crazy story,” he is heard telling the dispatcher.

That is not enough, he goes on to say, “This is her m.o. and I’m just ensuring that she cannot do that.”

In the police report, Jenni has claimed she “feels harassed” by her estranged husband, who apparently threatened to post unflattering videos and pictures of the reality star.

The reports also say JWoww “became irate and began screaming and slamming bedroom door” during the altercation.

The 911 call originated from an incident at the former couple’s house last Friday. “She became completely, uncontrollably emotional like she always does and said she was calling the police.

And I said, ‘For what? What did I do? I said ‘I’ll call the police myself,” said Roger Mathews in a series of Instagram stories.’ “The reason I called the police is that I knew she would make some kind of false police report, which would be just like her.

Her last two boyfriends can attest to that. I got woken up at about two o’ clock in the morning by two officers who said she contacted a judge and filed a restraining order.”

 Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi jumped to Mathew’s defense and said that he should be allowed to see his kids, because “he’s not a bad dad.”

An insider revealed Jersey Shore’s alum’s state of mind amid the controversy. “Jenni’s stand has been the same the whole time- she just wants what is best for their kids.”

Are you guys picking a side? We’re just going to be passive spectators (hey, they’re the ones who are making it public), and try to avoid judging either of the two.

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