The $400,000 street-legal motorcycle that turns into a helicopter

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The Squander Staff


Stuck again in rage-inducing traffic? Chill out hombre, cause now you can fly right over it in your very own "Helicycle"--assuming you've got a cool $395,000 to drop and 540 feet of runway space for take off.

The 2-seater helicopter can transform into a road-legal motorcycle in only ten minutes. Every childhood fantasy you ever had of being a Transformer just came true.

A 27 -gallon fuel tank will ensure you don't have to come down until you're long past the honking cars, too, with the ability to fly 220 miles at a time. That oughta give you some distance.

Its sleek body is built out of carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum, keeping it lightweight and pretty damn fast.

It runs off a 230hp four-cylinder engine and can catch speeds up to 112mph on both land and air, with a zero to 60mph take off in under 8 seconds on the road. Not too shabby.

Oh, and to really get the bang for your buck, the price includes training to fly it. Because when you're dropping almost half a million bucks, those things matter.



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