Lovebug Starski Net Worth 2018: What Was He Really Worth At Death?

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The Squander Staff

Famed MC and rapper Lovebug Starski has passed away. Starski was a well known hip hop artist who helped build the genre, and who is still well known today.

So what is Lovebug Starski net worth in 2018? What are Lovebug Starski's salary/earnings? Read on...

Lovebug Starski Career, Earnings, Salary

Lovebug Starski began his career in the Bronx. His original name was Kevin Smith.

He collaborated with several other rappers of the time, including Grandmaster Flash. He is commemorated in many more recent hip hop records, including Juicy by Biggie Smalls.

His only record was named House Rocker, and it was released in 1986. He also released several singles with Tayster. On several of his singles, he's credited as "Little Starsky".

Starski was known to have worked in many of the hottest clubs in the time, including Harlem World, Disco Fever, and more. He worked as a DJ when he was not rapping at these clubs.

Lovebug Starski Net Worth 2018: How Much Money Does Lovebug Starski Have?

Lovebug Starski may have been well known in the hip hop world, but he never got particularly wealthy.

He sold only a few albums with no chart toppers, which would have netted tens of thousands of dollars at most.

His highest selling record barely made it into the Billboard Top 20 in the U.S., although it did better in other countries.

There are differing estimates of Starski's worth online, which go as high as $10 million or more. In all, we estimate Lovebug Starski net worth at the time of his death at $100,000 or less.

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