Vince Staples Net Worth: How Much Is The West Coast Rapper Worth?

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Everyone knows about West Coast rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, YG and plenty of others. Not many know about our next net worth subject. We decided to explore Vince Staples Net Worth after a few successful years in the game.


Vince Staples Net Worth Below

Staples has been flying under the radar in the hip-hop world but don't bring that up. Why? Well, Staples doesn't care about standing out.

He recently went on record to say he didn't care about living a flashy lifestyle or selling enormous amounts of albums.

He told Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club that he was quite content with his fanbase despite not moving a lot of albums.

Staples does have plenty of respect from his peers and managed to still pull some very impressive endorsement deals. Staples has been working with companies like Sprite and Converse on campaigns which featured some of his biggest tracks.

Staples remains a down-to-Earth act that has plenty more important things to than try and one-up his peers. He is clearly unbothered by criticism and insists that if anyone doesn't like his music, simply tune out.

It's a pretty veteran mentality for an artist that is just 24-years-old at the time of this report. The admirable quality is what makes him one of the most respectable young names in the business.

After taking a loot at his assets, album sales, sale from shows, endorsement deals and expenses, we estimate Vince Staples Net Worth to be approximately $6 million.

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