$33.5 Million House Most Expensive Spring Listing

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The Squander Staff
everything's bigger in texas

According to Time, one of spring's most expensive listings is a $33.5 million home in Dallas, Texas. The 4 bedroom and 8.5 bathroom beauty is legendary product of architect Robert A.M. Stern.

If you're wondering what kind of amenities a $33.5 million house in Texas has, wonder no more.

The mansion is complete with a library, spa, natatorium (link included, we had to look it up too), billiard room, loads of fire places, a wet bar, an elevator, tennis court, personal lake, guest house and most surprisingly...

only a two car garage. Guess after all that investment in property, vehicle ownership wasn't a major concern for the previous owners.$33.5 million house

In 2014, the property entered the market at $37 million and change, still solidifying it as the most expensive property on the market at the time.

We're guessing since the asking price has gone down a couple of million, that two car garage is a real deal-breaker.