$51,710 Per Pound Caviar

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Caviar is globally known as a food of luxury, as world-wide different variations of it can cost the average person's retirement fund.

San Fran Restaurant Charges $888 Per Person

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San Francisco has usurped New York City as the most expensive city to live in, and it's giving it a run for its money with expensive eats too. Saison requires diners to pay $888 per person before even stepping into the restaurant for a full weekend experience.

Net Worth: Chef-Turned-Rapper Action Bronson

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Rapper Action Bronson, born Arian Asllani, has come a long way from the days of having his mom pay for his first mix tape. Though Bronson first started seeking out a career as a chef and still incorporates his love for cooking and food into his current endeavors, it was his talented rapping that started to pay the bills. Cut to three years later, and Bronson has signed over a million dollar record deal, is on a world tour, and is slated to release his first full album under a major record label in early 2015. How much is this man of many talents worth?

Most expensive hamburger in America resides in Sin City

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The most expensive hamburger in the world is a Las Vegas resident.

The Fleur Burger 5000 hamburger consists of Wagyu beef, comes topped with foie gras and truffle and is served with a bottle of 1995 Chateau Petrus. If you stick to the fleur burger with toppings, but tell the house to save the win, you'll save $4,930 on the most expensive hamburger.

7 most expensive pizza toppings ever sprinkled on a pie

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Mmm homemade pizza.

If you make your own pizza, I'll bet you go for the standard, albeit delicious, toppings - cheese, pepperoni, sausage, maybe even some veggies. But if you're in the market to up the homemade pizza game (and looking to drop lots of money), consider decorating your creation with some ultra expensive toppings like 24-carat gold flakes and caviar.