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Reality Sensation Cardi B Net Worth 2018

Cardi B an American rapper, songwriter, and reality television sensation has made it big in a relatively short period. She became a multi-millionaire with just one single hit. In 2017, she began dating rapper Offset, and the two welcomed their baby girl in June 2018, Kulture Kiari Cephus.

Finn Jones Net Worth 2018: What is this actor worth?

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Finn Jones net worth 2018

Finn Jones is an English actor who has appeared in such shows such as Iron Fist from Marvel and Netflix. He also started to become a household name starring in HBO's big juggernaut called Game of Thrones. Sadly, his future looks unclear right now since the TV shows he is currently in have ended or will end very soon.

Derrick Lewis Net Worth 2018: What is this UFC/MMA fighter worth?

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Derrick Lewis net worth 2018

Derrick Lewis is an American MMA fighter currently signed to the UFC organization. The fighter has a winning record of 21 wins with 18 of those by knockout. He has lost 6 fights in his professional career with his most recent defeat being at the hands of Daniel Cormier at UFC 230. So what is Derrick Lewis net worth in 2018? What are Derrick Lewis's salary/earnings? Read on...

Mackenzie Foy Net Worth 2018: What is this actress worth?

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Mackenzie Foy net worth 2018

Mackenzie Foy is an American model and actress most famous for starring in the final two Twilight movies as she played the daughter of Bella Thorne and Edward Cullen. Since then, the young actress has managed to get even bigger roles with her most recent role being in another Disney iteration of The Nutcracker just to name a few.  

Rami Malek Net Worth 2018: What is this actor worth?

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Rami Malek net worth 2018

Rami Malek is an American actor with Egyptian descent. While early in his Hollywood career he was typecast, he has since moved on to bigger and more lucrative roles earning him multiple acting awards. Now he's one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood and might soon become an Oscar winner in the near future. So what is Rami Malek net worth in 2018? What are Rami Malek's salary/earnings? Read on...

Freddie Hart Net Worth 2018: What was this singer worth?

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Freddie Hart net worth 2018

Freddie Hart was a famous American country singer that had chart topping hits from the '50s to as late as the '80s. Sadly, the singer has died in 2018, but his legacy will remain forever thanks to the many songs he released over the years. So what was Freddie Hart net worth in 2018? What were Freddie Hart's salary/earnings? Read on...

Peter Brackley Net Worth 2018: What was this sports commentator worth?

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Peter Brackley net worth 2018

Peter Brackley was a famous sports commentator that called many football matches throughout his career. Aside from real life football matches, Peter Brackley also was a part of Konami Pro Evolution Soccer video game series too.

Nicole Maines Net Worth 2018: What is this actress worth?

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Nicole Maines net worth 2018

Nicole Maines is an American actress currently playing the character of Nia Nal/Dream Girl in the Supergirl TV series. Maines​' character will be the first ever transgender superhero featured on national television. It is also the actress' first major acting role to date and could propel her to future stardom in the near future. So what is Nicole Maines net worth in 2018? What are Nicole Maines's salary/earnings? Read on...

Brenton Thwaites Net Worth 2018: What is this actor worth?

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Brenton Thwaites net worth 2018

Brenton Thwaites is an Australian born actor that currently lives in the United States. After starring in some pretty famous movies, he's now landed the lead role in DC's own TV show called Titans. This is his most famous role to date and he's sure going to get a lot of work due to this exposure. So what is Brenton Thwaites net worth in 2018? What are Brenton Thwaites's salary/earnings? Read on...

Scott Wilson Net Worth 2018: What was this actor worth?

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Scott Wilson was a well known American movie and TV actor that had a great and lengthy career. Sadly though, the man passed away in 2018. However, that does not negate the fact that he managed to live life to the full when he was alive. So what was Scott Wilson net worth in 2018? What were Scott Wilson's salary/earnings? Read on...