Melissa Benoist Net Worth 2017

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Melissa Benoist Net Worth

Melissa Benoist has become a household name, thanks to her hit show "Supergirl." However, even before the success of this CW shot, Melissa Benoist was making waves with her appearances in ovies like "Whiplash" as well as her appearances in shows like "Homeland" and "The Good Wife."

Ralphie May Net Worth 2017: How Much Was His Estate Worth? What Will Happen To His Wealth?

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Ralphie May Net Worth 2017

Today, sadly, Ralphie May, the well-known stand-up comedian died after a cardiac arrest. Ralphie May initially got his start through the show "Last Comic Standing" and went on to have an outstanding career. But just how much money did Ralphie May accumulate over his career and what was his net worth at death?

Katie Lowes Net Worth 2017: The Scandal Star's Earnings

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Katie Lowes Net Worth 2017

Katie Lowes stars on "Scandal" and has had an important role in make this show a hit. But given that Katie Lowes has been acting for some time though without leading lady status, how much wealth has she accumulated and what is Katie Lowes net worth?