Chuck Taylor Net Worth 2018: What is this wrestler worth?

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Chuck Taylor is a professional wrestler whose real name is Dustin Howard. Chuck Taylor was born on April 22, 1986, in Murray, Kentucky, U.S.. This page will examine Chuck Taylor's total career net worth.

Chuck Taylor Career, Earnings

Billed from Murray, Kentucky; Raccoon City Chuck Taylor has had a prominent time wrestling which debuted in 2002.

In the ring, Chuck Taylor was trained by Brandon Walker. Chuck Taylor's nicknames have included "Smooth Chuckie T", "Sexy Chuckie T", "The Kentucky Gentleman", and "Raccoon City's Favorite Son".

In terms of music, Chuck Taylor has entered the ring to "Hey Sandy" by Polaris (band), "Will Travel" by Tim Barry, "Orgy version" by Orgy (band) (Used while a part of F.I.S.T., Chikara), "Iteration" by Wiggly of Trap Door (Used while a part of F.I.S.T., Chikara), "Faithfully (song)" by Journey (band), and "Monster Truck" by Dale Oliver (Ring of Honor).

Some of the signature moves employed by Chuck Taylor included the Turnbuckle powerbomb, Elbow drop, with theatrics, Moonsault,, Somersault Suicide, Sitout suplex slam, Belly-to-belly suplex followed by a kip-up, Dropkick,, Straight jacket Double knee backbreaker, Springboard Back elbow, and Big boot.

Chuck Taylor Net Worth 2018

Wrestlers' salaries differ depending on league, experience, and promotional ability. According to the WWE, the common professional wrestler makes around $500,000 a year. But some get $1 million or more. Separately, non-professional local wrestlers get at most $1000 or less per match.


Chuck Taylor net worth

Chuck Taylor net worth: wrestling salary distribution

So what is Chuck Taylor's net worth in 2018? Our estimate for Chuck Taylor's net worth in 2018 is: $1.5 million

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