Valentine's Day Ideas: Priciest Dessert in Scotland

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The Squander Staff
most expensive dessert

If you want to seem both cultured and financially superior, this might be a great Valentine's day purchase for you; it's certain to impress ladies everywhere.

What is being called "Scotland's priciest pudding" and it has been crafted by well-known chef Mark Greenaway in his self-titled restaurant.

It features an edible 24-carat gold leaf, imported vanilla beans from Madagascar, and jelly made with Dom Perignon champagne and rhubarb parfait base.

It's even served with a complimentary glass of the top-tier bubbly.

The dessert takes five hours to make, and is available only for pre-order from February 7th-13th, plenty of time for you to export this luxury dessert for your sweetheart.

It costs a little under $40, but we have a feeling the special request to have it shipped here will drive the price up just a bit.